About Mahafeed | India’s Biggest Fertilizer Company | A Complete plant nutrition Company


Established in the year 1994, MAHAFEED® is engaged in the Import & Marketing of Speciality agro-inputs products. The Company is established by Dr T. T. Patil (Managing Director), Agronomist by Profession and Mr Praveen Patil (Director – Marketing), Chemical Engineer by Profession who are having well-established presence in the techno commercial fields in India.

Our imported product range includes - NPK 100% Water Soluble Fertilizers, 100% Water Soluble Phosphorus fertilizer MAP/MKP, 100% Water Soluble Sulphate of Potash & Potassium Nitrate & 100% Water Soluble Granular Calcium Nitrate, 100% Water Soluble Speciality Chelated Micronutrients, Speciality Natural Herb Based Crop Health Products, Organic Granular Fertilizer & Soil


Product Profile

MAHAFEED® introduced 100 % Water Soluble Fertilizer in the solid form First Time in India in the year 1994. All our products are very well designed to suit today’s modern agriculture practices and fulfil the minimum required nutritional aspects. With our strong Technical Expertise, MAHAFEED® has achieved a status of reliable and quality supplier of Agro Inputs among all Progressive Farmers of India.

All MAHAFEED® products are made by joint efforts with our overseas partners using premium quality raw materials.

MAHAFEED® lives with its unique tagline of “A Complete Plant Nutrition Company …. “

Product Quality

MAHAFEED® is a specialist in Fertigation and Foliar Nutrition, thereby we guarantee continual quality improvements and innovative solutions. Also, we assure you of our technical services and give a promising grower partnership for Indian Agro prosperity.

On the basis of various parameters, the products are tested, such as:

  • Solubility
  • Reactivity
  • Physical Appearance



Our Farsighted Objectives

Vision : MAHAFEED® has the vision to be the leading supplier of superior quality Crop Nutrition products in India. We are determined to be a reputed customer-driven organization by exceeding customer expectations. Our aim lies in developing long-term supply agreements with strategic customers and developing new products. Also, we look forward to becoming the supplier of choice to the leading distributors in our industry.

Mission : MAHAFEED® has a mission statement - “To focus on our customers, their needs & satisfaction. We are bound to do continuous improvements in all aspects of our business with the help of our experienced and skilled professional team".

Professional Team

Our company functions efficiently with a strong team of 15 Administration, 25 Works & 110 Sales & Marketing professionals. With the team's support, we are able to meet all the demands of the client so well. Amongst our teammates, we have with us agro experts, agro specialist, and other professionals who are well versed with the chemical composition, ingredients, and other factors which are related to crop fertility. These professionals have vast experience in the industry which is why they understand the concepts, market demands, and other factors. Apart from this, we have quality inspectors who check the authenticity of the products. We even have sales and marketing representatives, warehouse managers, logistics and transportation professionals, and other skilled workmen. To watch out for all the activities and keeping these activities in coordination, we have management and transportation personnel.


Environment Friendliness

MAHAFEED® range of products is definitely helpful in improving poor soil quality and make them more productive. Our Speciality Organic Natural Product range is nothing but our best effort to provide Environment-Friendly Products totally safe for Crop, Land, Environment & thus Human Beings.

Customers We Cater To

MAHAFEED® popularly attained all major progressive markets of Indian Agriculture today. Our products are served to the farmer, growers, corporate farming divisions of MNCs, formulators, manufacturers, bulk suppliers and many more for various types of customers. Some of our reputed clients are growers and exporters of Grapes, Pomegranate, Banana, Mango, Oranges, Guava, Melons fruits as well as Roses, Carnations, Gerbera flowers and fruit vegetables produced by growers under open field conditions as well as climate Controlled Green Houses in India.