KELVET® Gold (SOP 00-00-50+17.5 S)

*Characteristics: -

  • KELVET Gold is an imported high-quality fully water-soluble straight potassium fertilizer. Potash (K) is a very useful crop nutrient to determine the final yield and quality of the crop.
  • KELVET Gold with high Potash (K) along with synergetic Sulphur (S) helps to bring excellent & uniform fruit growth & fruit size achievement.
  • KELVET Gold with quick water solubility & planned dosages after the fruit development stage offers desired fruit weight, colour, shining & overall high-quality yield. With low pH, it is very useful for chlorine and sodium-sensitive crops. It helps to have better storage & transport life for the harvested crops.

* Product Specifications:-
Contents % By Weight            
K (as K2O) 50.0 Minimum
S (as Sulphur) 17.5 Minimum
Sodium (as NaCl) 2.5 Maximum
Total Chlorides (as Cl) 2.5 Maximum
Moisture 1.5 Maximum

* Recommendations: -
Application: Drip Irrigation System (Fertigation Technology)
  • All Types of Main Fruit Crops: 125kg - 200kg as per growth stage.
  • All Types of Main Vegetables: 100kg - 150kg as per growth stage.
  • For Cotton& Oil Seed Crops:   75kg - 125kg as per growth stage.
  • For Major Floriculture Crops:   50kg - 75kg as per growth stage.
Packing: - 25 kg/ 5 kg Multicolour Bag .