MAHAGREEN® (NPK 25-10-10+)

*Characteristics: -

  • MahaGreen is a Speciality Vegetative Growth Fertilizer.
  • MahaGreen improves chlorophyll formation, growth, and Health of young seeding and growing plants.
  • MahaGreen improves stunted growth of stem, branches and maintains desired leaves on Plants.
  • MahaGreen provides deficient food materials to plants under unfavorable growing conditions.
  • MahaGreen improves disease and pest resistance and makes plants capable of flowering and fruiting.

* Product Specifications:-
Contents % By Weight            
N 25.0 Minimum
P (WS) ( as P2O5) 10.0 Minimum
K ( as K2O) 10.0 Minimum
Sodium (as NaCl) 0.5 Maximum
Total Chlorides ( as Cl) 1.5 Maximum
Moisture 0.5 Maximum

* Recommendations: -
Application:Foliar application System (Spray)
Apply 3 to 4 sprays at 7-10 days interval as per growth stage of crop using following quantity in 100L – 150L of Water.
  • First Spraying:      300g
  • Second Spraying: 500g
  • Third Spraying:     650g
  • Fourth Spraying:   750g
Packing: - 1 kg