*Characteristics: -

  • Rootmax is an imported quality product from Turkey (Eurasia) and specially designed for Stronger, Longer & Healthier Roots & Plants)
  • Rootmax having a Natural Base of humic Substances are the basic active ingredient in soluble super Humate. They are Highly active compounds of molecules with a wide spectrum of chemical bonds.
  • Rootmax content of Humic substances is the major indicator of soil fertility. They increase the effectiveness of mineral fertilization, ensuring that nutrients are better used.
  • Rootmax improves the structure and organic content of the soil, reduces the number of nutrients that are washed out of the soil, and increases the soil's ability to retain water.
  • Rootmax is highly benefited for higher yields, improvisation of seed germination, and stand better product, it also reduces the adverse reaction to transplanting.
  • Rootmax increases nutrient increased tolerance to drought and a more massive root system.

*Product Specifications:-
Contents   % By Weight Limits
Humic Acid (on a dry basis) 75.0 Minimum
Fulvic Acid 10.0 Minimum
Plant Essential Supplement 10.0 Minimum
Water Solubility 99.0 Minimum
pH (1% Solution) 9.0 -10.0

*Recommendations: -
Soil- Drip or Drenching applications
Drip: - 500 g – 1 Kg/Acre as per growth stage.

Packing: - 250 g.