*Characteristics: -

  • Humifeed Gold is a liquid Natural source Product effectively used for promoting white roots of plants & Soil Conditioning. With its available Natural Humic acids synergistic with fulvic acids.
  • Humifeed Gold promotes good soil structure formation and also increases the water holding capacity, cation exchange & improves soil aeration.
  • Humifeed Gold works for increasing utilization efficiency of mineral fertilizers & prevents NPK from leaching & lock up also stimulates activities of soil micro-organisms & detoxify pollutants in soil.
  • Humifeed Gold promotes seed germination & promotes bumper white roots growth of the plant.
  • Humifeed Gold is useful for all major fruits, vegetables & other crops.
*Product Specifications:-
Contents    % By Weight Limits
Humic Acid + Fulvic Acid 12-15 Maximum

*Recommendations: -
Soil- Drip or Drenching applications
Drip: - 2 L – 5 L /as per growth stage

Packing: - 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L.