TERRAVit™ Complex

*Characteristics: -

  • TERRAVit Complex is an imported good quality excellent granulated inorganic compound fertilizer having balance ratio of Macro Nutrients as Nitrogen, Phosphorous & Potassium.
  • TERRAVit Complex also comprises Magnesium & Sulphur which are essential Secondary Macro-Elements and also presence of additional Trace Elements such as Zn, Fe, Ca, B which enriches product performance.
  • TERRAVit Complex is sop based granulated complex fertilizer aim at Basel & Complementary dressings in chloride-sensitive crops & in salt-affected soils.
  • TERRAVit Complex is useful for demand-orientated fertilization.
  • TERRAVit Complex due to its compound (complex) nature, allows even nutrient distribution as every granule guarantee all micronutrient in it.
  • TERRAVit Complex with its even granulation allows easy application by spreader or by hand.
  • TERRAVit Complex is designed to have maximum quality crop yield.

*Product Specifications:-
Contents     % By Weight            
N (Ammoniacal + Nitrate) 12.0 Minimum
N (Ammoniacal) 7.0 Minimum
P (T) (as P2O5) 11.0 Minimum
P (WS) ( as P2O5) 8.0 Minimum
K (as K2O) 18.0 Minimum
Magnesium (as Mg) 1.0 Minimum
S 7.5 Minimum
Total Chlorides (as Cl) 1.0 Maximum
Moisture 1.5 Maximum

*Recommendations: -
Through Soil Application
For best results, multiple applications throughout the growing season are recommended.
  • For Field Crops:         25 kg – 50 kg as per growth stage, 2-3 applications per year.
  • For Vegetable Crops: 25 kg – 50 kg as per growth stage,2-4 applications per year.
  • For Fruit Crops:          25 kg – 50 kg as per growth stage, 2-3 applications per year.
Packing: - 25 kg Multicolour Bag.