Seagold™ Super

*Characteristics: -

  • SEAGOLD Super is an imported High-quality Speciality Granular Seaweed Bio stimulant.
  • SEAGOLD Super with its technical name as complex of Seaweed derived from cold sea seaweeds, Humic acids & Amino acids is a universal plant product with multidimensional uses.
  • SEAGOLD Super helps to bring white roots development & brings strong resistance to stress.
  • SEAGOLD Super ultimately brings high-quality produce and yield. 

*Product Specifications:-
Contents % By Weight            
Seaweed Extract 10.0 Minimum
Humic Acids 10.0 Minimum
Amino  Acids 5.0 Minimum
Moisture 2.0 Maximum
pH 6-8

*Recommendations: -
Through Soil Application: -
  • All Types of Main Fruit Crops:  30kg – 100kg as per Growth stage.
  • All Types of Main Vegetables:  20Kg – 70kg as per Growth Stage.
  • For Cotton & oilseed Crops:    20kg – 50kg as per Growth Stage.
  • For Major Floriculture Crops:    20kg – 30kg as per Growth Stage.
Packing: - 10 kg Multicolour Bag.