• pH  Indicator & Regulator 
  • Super Spreader, Wetter & Sticker
  • Super Spray Solution Penetrator

  • PROWILL is the latest innovation in Silicone Adjuvants that combines the beneficial effects of Adjuvants together with pH indication & pH regulation technology.
  • PROWILL is a special blend of Silicone Surfactants to Maximize the Efficiency of fertilisers, pesticides, Fungicides, etc Spray Solutions.
  • PROWILL Indicates the pH of spray water to Regulate at desired levels for maximum benefits. PROWILL is further very effectively useful as Spreader, Wetter, Sticker & Penetrator of all types of Spray Solutions.
  • PROWILL is also useful to get a homogeneous mixture of two or more spray products.
  • PROWILL is different than regular adjuvants available in the market since it has pH Indiaction& Regulation technology. pH is very important for all spray solutions. High or alkaline pH of spray solution means the poor performance of any fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide, etc spray products. So it is very important to regulate the pH of spray solution in the range of 5.5 -6.5 to get High Performance and results of these spray products.

*Product Specifications :
Ingredients   % w/v
Silicone Surfactant Blend 70.0
pH Regulation & Buffering Agent 25.0
Density 1.12 kg/L
pH 2.0 -2.5
Appearance Deep Red Clear Liquid

Spray  Solution Types Dose / 15 L Water
Pesticides & Fungicides

10 ml -  20 ml
Fertilizers & Micronutrients 
Bio stimulants 

*User Instructions :
  • Add PROWILL to tank water as per Application recommendations given above.
  • After Stirring, Compare the tank water colour with Colour Scale below.
  • If pH is not optimal, add to tank water again 2ml-3ml till we get desired pH level.
  • Once pH level is achieved, add Fertiliser or Pesticide, etc to the tank solution.
  • Shake well before use. Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep away from children.

Packaging Sizes: 100 ml,  250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L Bottle