KELVET® Bloom (NPK 13-40-13)

*Characteristics: -

  • KELVET Bloom is an imported high-quality 100% water-soluble mixture of fertilizer.
  • KELVET Bloom technically designed to balance NPK Fertilizer with healthy major nutrients & provides unique and balance composition of Nitrogen (N), High Phosphorus (P) & Potash (K).
  • KELVET Bloom with its unique application helps to bring uniform, profuse & healthy flowering followed by flower -fruit setting.
  • KELVET Bloom helps for healthy white roots development required for efficient nutrient uptake from soil. Moderate pH of 4-5 and virtually free from harmful salts like Na & Cl. Ultimately it brings high-quality produce & yield.

* Product Specifications:-
Contents % By Weight            
N 13.0 Minimum
P (WS) (as P2O5) 40.0 Minimum
K (as K2O) 13.0 Minimum
Sodium (as NaCl) 0.5 Maximum
Total Chlorides (as Cl) 1.5 Maximum
Moisture 0.5 Maximum

* Recommendations: -
Application: Drip Irrigation System (Fertigation Technology)
  • All Types of Main Fruit Crops: 50kg - 100kg as per growth stage.
  • All Types of Main Vegetables: 35kg - 75kg as per growth stage.
  • For Cotton& Oil Seed Crops:  35kg - 75kg as per growth stage.
  • For Major Floriculture Crops:  25kg - 50kg as per growth stage.
Packing: - 25 kg/ 5 kg Multicolour Bag .